We believe:

  • In the sanctity and divinity of the Almighty God; Our Saviour Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
  • That one was created for a particular purpose, the pursuit of which leads to greater level of success.
  • That all were created to be successful to the level that will achieve the purpose in life.
  • That all are creative and not competitive in the earth where resources are limitless.
  • That one would achieve higher level of success in one’s purpose.
  • That application of biblical principles in one’s enterprise will lead to greater level of success.
  • That the secret of gaining wealth is creating wealth for others
  • That the `wealth’ which belong to us is GOD’s and vested in us for HIS GLORY through service to HIM and to humanity. We are just vessels.
  • That tithes shall be for local church, and that the payment of 10% before any deduction (whatsoever) carries more faith than otherwise.
  • That one would surely increase and multiply in talents; skill; wealth or resources if one offers or shares such in sacrifice for the service of God and humanity.


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