CHREMI is a world-outreach organization based in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa. The Organisation came into being in fulfillment of several prophecies. Chremi is an instrument for the restoration of God’s Kingdom Principles in entrepreneurship, and in the manner Christians handle business issues; for the glory of God and for maximum wealth creation. The Organization delivers its wide range of services in collaboration with renowned bodies which include: -American Institute of Invention Technology (USA); Institute of Psycho-Entrepreneurship Mentorship (RSA); and Blue IQ ConsultServices (Nig).

In a world environment where Christians account for about 43 trillion; 33 % (of 3.3b) of the World’s population, and control businesses worth over $20 trillion of the world economy, God's Kingdom suffers tremendous violence and violation by satanic influences. While Christians hold the doctrines of our Lord ‘Jesus Christ’ tenaciously, such appeared entirely abandoned in business lives; thus, Christians relate to business in an unchristian manner and offer little to influence businesses for God's Kingdom; causing infestation of business vices of monumental corruption, escalated adulteration, sophisticated piracy, evil height of profiteering through sinful process of product and service marketing. In this dispensation, God has raised a MOVEMENT (Chremi) for the restoration of His Kingdom Principles. You are invited.


Brief info of the team responsible for this organization

Apostle HenniePresident
Rev. Princess EthelOutreach
Pastor ClariceCampus Fellowship
Pastor KobusChremi-Business Fellowship
Pastor ElserinaA-Force
Evang. Prince ObiProjects Director


To inculcate biblical principles in the practice of entrepreneurship in order to ensure maximum wealth creation and the achievement of Heavenly Crown; through the development of a comprehensive entrepreneurship programme that will include;

  • Empowerment of Shepherds;-Pastors, Evangelists. Apostles; Priests; entrepreneurship aspects that are useful for the congregation;
  • Training of guided Christians to become effective entrepreneurs and or mentors; to inculcate Christian principles in business operators.
  • Setting up structures and involving stake-holders necessary for a holistic and robust transformation of wide continuum of Christendom.
  • That one would achieve higher level of success in one’s purpose.
  • Reforming Christian entrepreneurs’ attitudes towards serving God with their RESOURCES through service to humanity.


To create MAXIMUM WEALTH for Christians through the restoration of Kingdom Principles in Entrepreneurship.


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