A-Force (Association For Christian Entrepreneurs) is a forum of Christians (from various countries) on Self-enterprise or on the drive to self-enterprise, co-ordinated and managed by CHREMI. Its membership is restricted to Professionals; Business people; Entrepreneurs; Shepherds; Inventors and all those who aspire for self-employment or those who desire to support such ideals.

This Association has offered thousands the opportunity to gain skills, start businesses, get trained, get empowered, get necessary exposure; through the gestures of other Christians. Christians who believe that increase cometh by giving have continued to reap from their faith, while others who do not yet believe have got every reason to jettison their doubt.

In the Association, several people volunteer their services in various forms and dimensions to serve humanity.

Association for Christian entrepreneurs (A-Force) is a group of Christians desiring to multiply and increase their resources, talents and wealth. The group has in common people who are keen to offer services, encourage, sacrifice or motivate other fellows to succeed. In pursuit of the creed of CHREMI, membership into this association is driven by the quest to see others succeed by voluntarily offering assistance. Membership is composed of: professionals, business men, entrepreneurs, people aspiring to be entrepreneurs, inventors, workers in God's vineyard.

To ensure that every Christian is successful in own enterprise
•    Offer guide that would lead to success points
•    Give support necessary for success.
•    Set up success enabling  structure
•    Co-ordinate partnership and support from network of stakeholders

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