Chremi carries out its services through the 3 programmes explained below:-

CHREMI organizes seminars (free of charge) for any church; Christian group; conferences; etc.; where invited.  The Seminar is comprised of video presentation on Christian Entrepreneurship and Wealth creation and self /group activities.
The video presentation which involves activity session is structured to last 2hrs, but it would last 90 minutes without any activity session.
While the Seminar is offered free of charge, the books (the Christian Entrepreneurship Handbook); CDs;DVD’s are optional and are offered at affordable prices. Chremi Seminar attempts to achieve the following;
The understanding of;

  • The need and discovery of one’s purpose
  • The place of Christians as resource owners and resource managers

CDP aims at contributing to the transformation, improvement and empowerment of Churches and or Christian groups. The enrichment programme includes the following:
-Training of Shepherds in the following areas:-
•    Business aspects
•    Leadership for dynamic church
•    Church conflict resolution
•    Church expansion and planting
•    Practical ministering

Setting up of self enterprise development units for churches or Christian groups for the benefit of their followership. Such arrangements could be for the church; group or on individual basis. Chremi has originated over 150 viable schemes that stem from areas which include:-
•    Oil and gas
•    Agriculture
•    Manufacturing
•    Construction
•    Mining
•    Mechanical
•    Electrical


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